We were waiting at the bus stop

First day of kindergarten, of his everyday life for the next 13+ years and he was most excited about finally getting to ride the bus to school.

We took him to school that morning and promised to be at the bus stop when he got there that afternoon.  At his school orientation they had us fill out all the paperwork on which bus he was to ride and even a special paper regarding just the 1st day of school on whether or not he would that day or if it would be different for the 1st day.

That afternoon when the time came we walked down the street to wait at the bus stop.  We were the first ones there and were excited to see him get off the bus and come tell us all about his first day at “big kid” school.  Other parents started showing up to wait for their kids shortly after us.  Then my phone rang.  I just so happened to take my phone with me in case I wanted to snap some pictures of him getting off the bus.  Since we just moved here and not many people from here call me I wasn’t sure who it was since it was a local number.  It was his school… they said that the older students that help getting the kindergartners to the right pickup place had somehow taken Jax to the car pick up line, therefore he missed his bus because it had already left.  They asked if I could come get him or if they needed to send him to after-school care.  I told them I was on my way.  We walked back home, and I’m sure everyone else at the bus stop was wondering why we were leaving, and I headed to the school.

When I got there I found out that they had realized the bus hadn’t left yet so they put Jax on it and then had the driver wait while they called me to let me know.  However, either they dialed the wrong number or I didn’t have a signal on my way because I never got the call.  If I had I would’ve told them to keep him on it cause I knew how bad he wanted to ride it.  Since they weren’t able to get a hold of me again they pulled Jax back off the bus and had him wait in the office until I got there.  Here he was, his first day in a new school and now he was being pulled in every direction and didn’t have a clue what was going on.  He looked scared and upset when I got there.  And he was mad too since he didn’t get to ride the bus.  He said I was on there but then they made me get back off again.  He even had a big piece of paper tapped to his chest that said his name, bus # and address so they would know that he was to ride the bus.  I know mistakes happen and no they didn’t lose him but still how could this happen.

Our ride home was very quiet from the back seat.  I tried asking him questions about his day, all the questions I had hoped he would run off the bus to tell me about that afternoon but he wasn’t in the mood for it.  After getting his name wrong the other day and now this I was starting to wonder how the school year was going to go considering this was just the first day.

Luckily the next morning his happy mood was back and he was still excited about going back to school.  He was up before me and half dressed already.  He watched for his friends to start heading to the bus stop and was telling me to hurry up it was time to go.  I introduced him to the bus driver that morning and let the driver know that he would be riding it home too.  And it’s funny because his bus driver is actually my dads childhood friend and was his bestman at my parents wedding almost 40 years ago.  I told him who I was and he said oh yeah me and your dad go way way way way back.  He seems like a nice guy, I’m glad it’s him cause mean bus drivers are never fun.  I told my dad about him being the driver and oh the stories I have been told about their childhood days.  It’s funny how it really is such a small world.

Needless to say, Jax got to ride the bus that morning and he was on it that afternoon as well and walked off with his big cute smile.  He finally got to do what he wanted to do for so long.  Since then everything has been smooth sailing so hopefully we got the bumps in the road all smoothed out now.

Here’s to wishing him a fun and memorable year in Kindergarten.

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