Moving day adventures

The move…

After four and a half days straight of packing it was moving day.  Ready or not it was time, and I wasn’t ready.  That morning we went and picked up the U-haul and then met the two men we had rented to load our heavy stuff back at the house.  Yes you can rent men! Ha! I had never heard of it but I guess it’s a new service through U-Haul.  Or maybe it’s not new it’s just new to me.  We had them for 2 hours and was going to get every bit of that time put to good use.  We were very thankful that they got all the heavy stuff and a lot of the boxes that were ready loaded too.  Although I was later not a happy camper when I noticed that some of my furniture had been scratched up and not just a little scratch.  Plus, I then had to climb up in that very hot truck and rearrange things to help keep them in place and also to have the room for more stuff.  And man did we pick a hot day to do this.  I looked like I had just gotten out of the shower with all the sweat pouring off of me.

Shortly before their time was up my parents showed up with 2 of their flatbeds.  When you own a towing company you get to haul what you want when you want.  They came to tow my husband’s ’70 Camaro and our playhouse that was actually mine when I was younger that they had brought down for my son last fall.  They chipped right in on helping getting all the random things around the house left unpacked packed.  Things seemed to keep multiplying.  I knew we had a lot of stuff, or I have a lot of stuff as my husband says, but you don’t realize how much stuff you really have until you have to pack it all up.

We packed and loaded and packed and loaded all that day until after dark when we were to tired to do anymore.  We did get the U-haul full and ready to go but that afternoon we realized everything wasn’t going to fit so we had to go get one of their enclosed trailers too.

The next morning we were at it again.  We loaded up some of the trailer and then got our mattress loaded.  We had more of our family on stand by for when we got there with the truck to help unload everything and since it was Sunday and everyone would be going back to work on Monday my husband went ahead and headed that way with the U-Haul.  Me and my parents stayed behind to finish packing and loading up.  My dad still had to load the flat beds and now pull the trailer behind one of them.  Little did we know that it would literally take us all day and night before we would even get on the road.

It was another extremely hot & humid day and none of us had much energy left but we knew we had to get it done, so we did.

When we finally thought we were ready to head out, one thing after another kept happening.  The plan originally was to load the trailer on the back of one bed and pull it backwards behind the other and then my mom would drive my car and I would drive my husbands and of course my dad would drive the flatbeds.  That plan didn’t work out as planned so then he unloaded the trailer and loaded my car on the bed and hooked the trailer onto the hitch on that flatbed.  All this loading and unloading and strapping down etc. takes a lot of time.  We finally thought we were ready to go, had the riding lawn mower, Camaro and playhouse (which is actually a 100+ year old outhouse that has been remodeled) loaded on one and then the other was loaded with the porch, basketball goal, my car and U-Haul trailer which my mom was going to drive and I was going to follow behind.


We went down the road to fuel up and grab a bite to eat to take on the road.  It was already 8pm.  At the gas station I watched as a group of bikers stared in disbelief as my mom got out of the drivers seat of that loaded flatbed.  When we came out with our food the flatbed wouldn’t start.  I drove my car over to it to jump it and of course the bikers were still watching.  I bet they thought it was a sight.  Got it started up and off we went.  We made it a couple miles down the road and it died completely.  She was behind my dad and he had told her what lights to use if she needed him to pull over so she started blinking them on and off to get his attention.  She coasted it down a hill to a side turning lane where we all stopped.  Turns out the alternator had gone out.  They were afraid it might because their mechanics were told to replace it before their trip but they found out no one ever did.  So now it was on to plan D, E, F or somewhere around there, which was my dad towing it from the front.  Just in order to do this he had to pull the drive shaft and hadn’t wanted to mess with that.  We weren’t going to rearrange everything again and my car was packed in every seat but mine so my mom ended up riding with him.

He hooked up and drove it all back down to gas station we were at before to have the shop next door pull the drive shaft because he was wore out, we all were.  They couldn’t get to it for another hour so he just did it himself.  Only problem was that the regular driver of that truck didn’t have everything in there or in the right places like they were supposed to be so it took forever to find the right stuff to get it done.   Needless to say they scheduled a drivers meeting 1st thing the next day!

Finally we were ready to try it again. We headed out with this long train and actually made it all the way this time. Although it was almost 4am by the time we got there.

Flatbed train
Flatbed train

Meanwhile, at the new place they got the U-Haul unloaded and returned.  They waited around for a while thinking we would be there but as you can see that didn’t happen.  My brother who also works with my parents did hang out close by at their place until we got in town and met us at the new house.  Since the next morning was Monday they needed their trucks so everything had to be unloaded off of them.  I don’t know how he did it but my dad managed to back that U-Haul trailer into my driveway just perfectly with the “train” all still hooked together.  We decided to unload it in the morning and my brother helped to get everything else unloaded from the flatbeds.

We finished up as we watched the sun come up…

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Everything just took off

The plan was to move this summer back closer to family before our son starts Kindergarten in August.

We discussed it and it all started out nice and slow, then all of a sudden everything went into fast mode.

We had looked up a few places online around the area that we might be interested in but it’s hard to check them out when you are 4+ hours away.  So we decided to make a trip and go look at some places.  We scheduled a couple showings but before the days we were actually supposed to meet there we went driving around checking places out.  And let me tell you, pictures posted usually don’t show “the truth”.  Some we thought would be really good and came to find out the neighborhood wasn’t very good or what looked like a decent yard was actually just a big hill.  And the ones that did have a somewhat flat yard there really wasn’t much yard at all.  We just wanted room for our son’s trampoline and couldn’t even find that.  Needless to say we canceled all the appointments we had scheduled and were starting to give up hope that we would find what we needed.

That Sunday afternoon a new posting was listed but didn’t show any pictures yet and there was another right across the street from it but it said they didn’t allow pets and we have 2 cats.  So my husband headed home and I decided to stay another day to call about the house just listed first thing in the morning.  When I called they said they could show both and both would allow small pets.  Went to the one that was listed as no pets and when we walked in it had a bad odor.  And then while I was trying to talk, my son kept telling me he didn’t want it cause it had ants in it and he finally got my attention when he said “LOOK”!  I looked down and all our legs were covered, but it wasn’t ants, it was fleas!  We left there right then and was shaking them all off outside.  And this was the house listed as no pets allowed.   By then I was sure we weren’t going to have any luck but went ahead and went down the street to be shown the other house.  Surprisingly the yard was actually pretty flat and back yard too so there would be room for his trampoline so that was a plus.  Went in and it was what we were looking for and in our budget since we were going to be paying for two houses until ours either sold or we got a renter for it.

I took pictures and sent to my husband as we walked through.  I told him we liked it and he said take it.  With as hard as it had been to find anything good we weren’t going to let it slip through our hands.  And that’s when everything took off.

I went straight over to my work office and sent the application in.  That night we drove home and the next day were sent the links to finish up our application.  Wednesday morning we got the call that we were approved. We started making calls on getting things scheduled to be set up/turned on etc. at the new place and scheduled an appointment to sign the lease for that friday.   We made the trip back up and I stayed through Father’s Day then I headed back to start packing while the boys stayed there for all the techs coming to do hookups.

I packed liked crazy for a couple days and we wanted to be moved by July 1st so after checking the weather we decided that we would move that weekend…

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When you lose your home…

Home… Where exactly is home?  My hometown where I grew up is so different from when I was younger.  When I was 17 I moved, with my now husband, across the river, just a town away.  Then a year later we said our goodbyes and moved 2 hours away when he was offered a new job.

Here I was, 18 and in a new town where the only person I knew was him.  I was excited at first.  I was a grown up and got to do the adult thing with the man I loved.  I was free!  Me and my best friend even drove down there to check things out and stayed the night in the new apartment before it even had power or furniture.  That was just the kind of things we did.  #funtimes

So we settled in and life in a small town began.  Things to do and places to eat more sooner than later became slim.  If you wanted to go shopping you had to drive for 30 mins to get there.  We worked 2nd shift so nights, like early morning hours became our evenings and mornings became our nights.  Dinners would be around 2am and breakfast at noon if that gives you an idea.   There was nothing in this town for us.  I was bored with it and he wanted something more.

So once again, a couple years later, off we go.  He took a better job that moved us a few more hours away from “home” and that’s where we have been since.   Just another small town in the middle of nowhere.  We now have to drive over an hour to go shopping or find  things to do.  I’m not bashing small towns because I know a lot of people love them and yes they do have a few good qualities, just putting that out there.  However, we basically started our life here.  We got engaged here, became husband and wife here, bought our first home here, & started a family here but it no longer feels like home, not sure it ever really did.  It’s just a town we’ve lived in for the past 14 years.  Wow that sounds like a long time after typing that.  Would you call it home after 14 years?

My husband finally found his dream job a couple years ago and he travels and works from home and since I work from home there is nothing holding us here anymore.  Well besides our house that we need to sell.  Any takers? Ha!  We all made a few good friends here that we will miss and hopefully keep in contact with thanks to all the technology we have.  And we will always cherish all of memories that we made here, but the now 3 of us are ready to start our next journey.

So the question now is where do we go?  Back “home” where our families are?  Somewhere closer but not quite in the same town?  It would be nice to be closer to our families, I know they want that, and we want our son to be close with his grandparents and cousins, man does he have a ton of them, but I think that is the only reason there is an option.

There were times years ago I was all for going back there but things are different now.  It just doesn’t feel like it did before, it’s more like another new town with the bonus of having family there too.  Except it’s not really a town I’d like to go to.  Is there even good towns out there anymore or is everywhere going down hill these days with all the violence and spoiled brats in the world?

Our son starts kindergarten this fall and would like to be “settled” before then but where?  I keep going over the pros and cons and all it does is make my head spin.  Maybe if we hadn’t been away so long it would feel different like it did years ago when I was all for going back there.

When you go back do things eventually fall back into place and can you once again feel like you are “home”?

Awaiting Our New Destination

With most jobs in the military, you get stationed at a destination for two years. But like I said, most. Of course, once we got to our first real duty station (Virginia). We found out that Mike’s (my husband) job requires 4 years at each duty station.

I was disappointed when we found out, I want to travel and explore. I feel like two years is a good amount of time to learn a new place and either love the area or hate it. But 4 years is just too long, for me at least.

We will hit our two year mark in about 2 weeks and I am ready to go! Most probably think we are crazy, considering we just bought a house here a little over a month ago. But trust me, we have a master plan.

Next year we will get to choose our next duty station for the following year and I’ve already started my research! It’s always a little scary moving to somewhere completely new but the thrill of it over powers the scariness. I think we are both open to anything really, whether it be overseas next or to a different coast.

Seattle, Washington is my top choice as of right now. But who knows what I’ll want a year from now, right? Of course we have to take into consideration, we can’t just go anywhere we want. It has to be available.

When my husband picked orders to Virginia, it pretty much sucked. There were 5 orders for Virginia so we basically got stuck with it. We were so excited to pick our first duty station, we wrote all of the options and put them in a hat and let Barron (our dog) pick one out, and what do you know, he picked Virginia. Lol I guess it was meant to be.

I think I’m just anxious for the next chapter of our lives to begin already!