Everything just took off

The plan was to move this summer back closer to family before our son starts Kindergarten in August.

We discussed it and it all started out nice and slow, then all of a sudden everything went into fast mode.

We had looked up a few places online around the area that we might be interested in but it’s hard to check them out when you are 4+ hours away.  So we decided to make a trip and go look at some places.  We scheduled a couple showings but before the days we were actually supposed to meet there we went driving around checking places out.  And let me tell you, pictures posted usually don’t show “the truth”.  Some we thought would be really good and came to find out the neighborhood wasn’t very good or what looked like a decent yard was actually just a big hill.  And the ones that did have a somewhat flat yard there really wasn’t much yard at all.  We just wanted room for our son’s trampoline and couldn’t even find that.  Needless to say we canceled all the appointments we had scheduled and were starting to give up hope that we would find what we needed.

That Sunday afternoon a new posting was listed but didn’t show any pictures yet and there was another right across the street from it but it said they didn’t allow pets and we have 2 cats.  So my husband headed home and I decided to stay another day to call about the house just listed first thing in the morning.  When I called they said they could show both and both would allow small pets.  Went to the one that was listed as no pets and when we walked in it had a bad odor.  And then while I was trying to talk, my son kept telling me he didn’t want it cause it had ants in it and he finally got my attention when he said “LOOK”!  I looked down and all our legs were covered, but it wasn’t ants, it was fleas!  We left there right then and was shaking them all off outside.  And this was the house listed as no pets allowed.   By then I was sure we weren’t going to have any luck but went ahead and went down the street to be shown the other house.  Surprisingly the yard was actually pretty flat and back yard too so there would be room for his trampoline so that was a plus.  Went in and it was what we were looking for and in our budget since we were going to be paying for two houses until ours either sold or we got a renter for it.

I took pictures and sent to my husband as we walked through.  I told him we liked it and he said take it.  With as hard as it had been to find anything good we weren’t going to let it slip through our hands.  And that’s when everything took off.

I went straight over to my work office and sent the application in.  That night we drove home and the next day were sent the links to finish up our application.  Wednesday morning we got the call that we were approved. We started making calls on getting things scheduled to be set up/turned on etc. at the new place and scheduled an appointment to sign the lease for that friday.   We made the trip back up and I stayed through Father’s Day then I headed back to start packing while the boys stayed there for all the techs coming to do hookups.

I packed liked crazy for a couple days and we wanted to be moved by July 1st so after checking the weather we decided that we would move that weekend…

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