Checking off my list one thing at a time

Some weeks you feel like the week is over before it even starts.  You wonder where all the days went considering there is seven of them, but yet you seem to have accomplished nothing during those seven days.  Other weeks are the opposite and if you’re like me you enjoy the feeling those weeks bring you.

Although I feel there is still so much to do everyday I am glad that this week feels like the weeks where I get a lot accomplished.

Even though it may just be small things, they are small things that needed to be done.

I was finally able to enroll my son in Kindergarten in the new town we just moved to, but don’t get me started on that topic yet.  School starts in 2 weeks and his birthday is the day before. Yay for him right?!  So he’s enrolled and we have gotten all his school supplies, except the one thing that I guess all of the teachers want since every store is out of them.  And even got all his birthday invitations mailed out and his party booked.  For his birthday he decided that he wanted bunk beds for his room, and they were delivered today so he got them a little early and now has his room fixed up.  I let him pick out new sheets and curtains for his new room and got them washed and put on his bed and the curtains hung.  He’s a happy little boy tonight!  Also got his haircut and signed him up for soccer this season.

Bunk beds

As for me, I’ve managed to get a lot of paperwork done this week and I even signed up for a gym membership.  Haven’t actually gone yet but hey signing up is a start and I will go, I’m ready to.  My older sister joined and we are going to do this together.  I need to do this and want to do this for me.

Maybe it isn’t much but things are getting done this week.  Now if only the rest of the boxes from our move would unpack themselves that would be great because I’m pretty sure I’m not getting that done this week.

How is your week going?  Do you have weeks where you look back and wonder where they went too?


When leasing an apartment you are almost always required to put a deposit down unless they are running some type of special. How many of us have actually received these deposits back? I never have, are they actually deposits or are they a here give us this money that you hope you’re going to get back but you never really will.

We always clean our apartment when moving out, thoroughly. The last apartment we rented, we cleaned everything to under the stove, the walls, the flooring, just to make sure we wouldn’t get billed for any nonsense.

At our apartment in Texas, we found out the day of moving that we were going to be moving. Mike came home from work that day and we packed our entire apartment into a u-haul and left for Virginia at midnight that night. Therefore we weren’t able to clean the apartment as well, but we are pretty tidy people. We clean up after ourselves and I tend to be a little OCD when it comes to cleanliness.

When we left Texas we of course received a bill from the apartment charging us for cleaning of the apartment, isn’t that what the deposit is for? This place was crazy though, they still billed us for living in the apartment for a couple months while I was living in Kentucky and my husband was off doing training in North Carolina.

I called them repeatedly, finally they figured out how could I possibly be living in that apartment when they are sending me the bill all the way in Kentucky? It is hard to fight these types of things from states away, maybe that’s why this always happens to us? They know all we are capable of is a phone call.

We have yet to receive a bill from our last rental but I am almost positive we will, if we aren’t going to receive our deposit back then use it for the cleaning you are going to conduct.

Every time someone moves out they send people inside to clean and repaint and whatever else it is that they do. So really that’s where our deposits go.  We won’t get them back, and we will be charged for cleaning even though we cleaned it thoroughly, it simply doesn’t matter.

My point is that it’s basically just a scam. They can bill you for anything and you have to suck it up and pay it.


I’m always moving somewhere new so I’m constantly meeting new people. The first question is always “where are you from?” I don’t know how they always know I’m not from the area, its like I have a label that only they can see. Or maybe it’s because I’m usually wondering around lost looking for something so they assume I’m new to the area. Whatever the case may be, the next question is always “why’d you move here?” I use to be reluctant when answering because I always get strange looks.

My answer is always, my husband is in the military. Some people say oh gosh, how old are you? Or others carry on saying that’s so sweet, you’d leave everything you ever knew for him. Lol I use to miss home, when this adventure of ours first started. I was young and I guess a little scared. (Not saying I’m not still young) The scared phase ended after 6 months, the home sick phase was over in about 9 months.

I of course still miss my loved ones but Evansville, Indiana.. not so much. I have big goals and dreams, I want to travel the world with my husband at my side. I want to explore and one day fall in love with a destination and make it a home. We have both grown so much together and we learn from each other everyday.

This man has literally changed my life, he has believed in me every step of the way. I’ve never had someone have so much faith in me. He pulls me back to reality when I stress about life. He stands by my side no matter what new crazy idea I’ve come up with. He doesn’t try to change me or push me in a different direction. He pushes to me follow and pursue my dreams.

I don’t know what I did to make this man stumble into my life but I am so happy he’s here every step and every obstacle of the way. I hope every girl finds a man that will do anything for her and treat her like a queen.

So here’s the bottom line, I may have married young but I found my soulmate. I found the one who makes me laugh, who makes me cry, who holds me when all I need is a good cry, who orders me pizza even though I say I’m on a diet. The one that will always be there no matter what.

We are young but whats better than experiencing life? Experiencing it with your best friend.

Obsessing Over School

This week was a long rough one and I couldn’t be happier that its over. When it comes to school, I overdo it. I haven’t always been this way, until senior year of High School I basically just got by. Going out with my friends was more important and I don’t think I ever thought about the future, like it wasn’t coming. I switched schools so many times I was never on track with the new school I started. I had either already learned the material, so I would become lazy or I was so behind that I didn’t bother to ask questions.

But now is a different story, I obsess over a perfect grade. I study for hours, and when you aren’t interested in a class it makes it even more difficult to remember the material. That’s what makes exam week so sucky, I am constantly studying because I can’t seem to remember the material to save my life and help me if I receive lower than an A.

I’m not even sure all the stress is worth it, I don’t know why I feel the urge to maintain a 4.0 or to makes Dean’s List. I think I’m making up for lost time. All the times I would be fine with a C or D in high school, I guess I just need to prove to myself that I am capable.



Why wait?

It seems like everyone is always putting things off and waiting for that “perfect time”.  Well, there is no perfect time.  You tell yourself you will do something when the timing is right, when exactly will the timing be right?  It’s just an excuse, and excuses are all around us.

You say you want to be financially ready before you start a family… but will you ever really be “financially ready”?  What does that mean anyways?  If your like me when your salary goes up so does your expenses.  And not because it’s just blown away, but because I’m living my life, chasing my dreams and making memories with my family.  No I’m not saying you should go start a family if you’re broke and can’t even make ends meet.  But the joys of a family is so worth that little cutback on an extra expense you don’t really need.  You find a way to make it work.  Why wait for that timing that doesn’t exist?

You say you want to find a better job but you’re not ready yet.  When will you be ready? When you are to worn out from your current one to the point you just end up taking anything else out there.  What’s the point in that?  You just end up right back where you started.  Why not take the time now to pursue what you want instead of getting drained out. Why wait?

"You weren't born to just pay bills and die."
“You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.”

You say you want to travel.  So what’s stopping you? The finances, the dead-end job you hate?  Make a plan and make it happen!  One of my favorite quotes is “You weren’t born to just pay bills and die.”  So get out there now and live your life.  Don’t wait!  If you look hard enough you can find great deals out there, you just have to want it.  You can always go with friends and family and split cost and have an added bonus of great company.  (Just be sure to go with people you can stand to be around for the entire trip.) Whether it be a day trip or weekend trip or even a week-long vacation, make a plan, get it booked and make it happen.  Why wait?

You want to lose weight and go on a diet? Why does it seem a diet always have to start “the next monday”? Why not today?  Because everyone makes excuses as to why the timing isn’t right, so they wait.  Just do it already.

My point is that I hope that everyone gets out there and goes after what they want.  Get out of that bubble that constantly tells you “not now, maybe someday, timing is off or just wait”.  Nobody is guaranteed tomorrow.  Don’t end up with regrets because you were waiting for the “perfect time”.  Fall in love, go after your dreams, live in the now and make all the memories you can along the way.  Why wait?