Checking off my list one thing at a time

Some weeks you feel like the week is over before it even starts.  You wonder where all the days went considering there is seven of them, but yet you seem to have accomplished nothing during those seven days.  Other weeks are the opposite and if you’re like me you enjoy the feeling those weeks bring you.

Although I feel there is still so much to do everyday I am glad that this week feels like the weeks where I get a lot accomplished.

Even though it may just be small things, they are small things that needed to be done.

I was finally able to enroll my son in Kindergarten in the new town we just moved to, but don’t get me started on that topic yet.  School starts in 2 weeks and his birthday is the day before. Yay for him right?!  So he’s enrolled and we have gotten all his school supplies, except the one thing that I guess all of the teachers want since every store is out of them.  And even got all his birthday invitations mailed out and his party booked.  For his birthday he decided that he wanted bunk beds for his room, and they were delivered today so he got them a little early and now has his room fixed up.  I let him pick out new sheets and curtains for his new room and got them washed and put on his bed and the curtains hung.  He’s a happy little boy tonight!  Also got his haircut and signed him up for soccer this season.

Bunk beds

As for me, I’ve managed to get a lot of paperwork done this week and I even signed up for a gym membership.  Haven’t actually gone yet but hey signing up is a start and I will go, I’m ready to.  My older sister joined and we are going to do this together.  I need to do this and want to do this for me.

Maybe it isn’t much but things are getting done this week.  Now if only the rest of the boxes from our move would unpack themselves that would be great because I’m pretty sure I’m not getting that done this week.

How is your week going?  Do you have weeks where you look back and wonder where they went too?