Out of Sight Out of Mind

I come from an extremely large family, 5 sisters and 2 brothers, I’m the baby of the family. My dad is number 10 of 12, yes you go by numbers when your family becomes this large.

My oldest sibling and I are 18 years apart, I was being born and he was moving out on his own for the first time. You can imagine it can be hard to bond with a sibling with such a big age difference. I guess I always thought this was the reasoning that my family isn’t very close.

We don’t call each other to chit chat, I’m pretty sure some of my siblings don’t even have my phone number, which is just weird right? I always wanted to be close with my siblings, as well as my mom and dad but that isn’t the case. We are all very different from one another. I talk to one sister regularly and another will call every once in a while. The others are absent from my life, as well as my parents.

I can’t remember the last time my mom called just to check up on me and see how life was going. I moved away from home 3 years ago and ever since then it’s been “out of sight out of mind” relationship with my parents.

Although it has taken a lot of time, I have finally come to terms with it. You can’t make someone care about you or want to be involved in your life. You also can’t dwell on it, so what more is there to do than move on?

Author: Danielle Wilson

I’m 21 and currently residing in the state of Virginia (brought here by the military). Like most women my age I’m balancing school, work, and family. I’m a fitness enthusiast and an aspiring entrepreneur. I married at 17 to the love of my life, a girl just knows, and its been an amazing 3 years. Currently only one baby and that’s Barron, hes a Teacup Yorkie weighing in at 2.5lbs and is 4 years old! I have a passion for many things and what a more perfect way to share them!

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