He walked out of the bathroom with WHAT?!?…

All us ladies always love a little pampering when we can get it, right?  Well, my 5 year old was determined the other night to pamper me.  I of course was all for it.  I had just had a shower and was getting ready to brush my hair out so I could dry it and he wanted to do it for me.  So he stood up on the toilet seat and he combed through my hair.  He’d talk as he did it and move it from side to side saying things like “yep that looks good, and just a little more over here”.  He didn’t want to stop so I told him he could do it some more after I blow dried it.

After drying my hair he directed me to my bed to lay down so he could brush it some more.  It’s easier for him to reach when i’m laying down.  So off we went to my room.  He then told me to look the other way for a minute.  He walked around to his daddy’s side of the bed and grabbed his backscratching stick/hand and told me to lay still.  Sure why not I thought.  I’d love a good back massage.

So he brushed my hair along with more talking to himself about how he was fixing it and massaged my back. I was so sweet of him and actually pretty relaxing.  He then told me to close my eyes and he’d be right back.  My bathroom door is by my side of the bed and I heard him go in there and get into a draw.  At first I thought he might be trying to get a ponytail holder or something to hold my hair back the way he fixed it.  But I knew there weren’t any in the drawers and I could hear him coming back.  So I had to peak to see what he had gotten and I’m SO glad I did when I seen what he was carrying…

He had gotten out my scissors and was coming to cut my hair!! OH MY! If I hadn’t looked I would’ve needed a hair dresser the next day or maybe even a wig.  I love my child and how thoughtful he can be and I know he was just trying to pamper and take care of his mommy but I no longer trust kids if I can’t see what they are getting. Ha!

My eyes will stay open for all future pampering!

Author: April

April is a designer/photographer/blogger/baker and owns her own Scentsy and Thirty-One business. Nestled in a Kentucky small town with her son and hubby. She loves taking photos and designing websites and graphics. She has now teamed up with one of her sisters as they co-host the blog www.brunettesvsworld.com

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