First day of Kindergarten

Last week my baby, and yes he’ll always be my baby, started Kindergarten.  I wasn’t sure if I was ready for him to be gone all day every day yet, but I knew that he was ready.  He had gone to pre-school for two years and did wonderful and this was the next step.  We moved over the summer back closer to family and he has made several new friends from the neighborhood that also go to his school.  Even though they are a grade or two older and he knew they wouldn’t be in his class he was still excited that he would get to ride the bus with them and maybe see them in the hallways at school some days.

On the first day I went in to wake him up that morning and he didn’t want to get up at first.  He told me it was to early and that’s why he couldn’t go to kindergarten.  A few minutes later he was wide awake and up and dressed and back to being excited.  His daddy and I took him out for breakfast that morning before driving him to school.  I had to tell him it was a requirement for me to take a first day of kindergarten picture or else he probably wouldn’t have let me.  Some days he’ll pick the poses for pictures, others I got to fight to get the side of his face.

1st Day of Kindergarten
1st Day of Kindergarten

We had gone to orientation a couple of nights before that where he got to see his classroom and meet his teacher.  So he knew what to expect when we got there Wednesday morning.  At orientation while looking over all his paperwork it took a few minutes before I realized they had his name as Jason (which is his daddy’s name) instead of Jaxon.  So all the cute little decorations around the room and in the hallway that listed all the kids names on them also said Jason.  I made sure to let his teacher know so she could fix it before school started in a couple of days.  But I told Jax that we would just have to change his name now and he replied with “can’t they just use an eraser or something and change it cause I really don’t want to change my name”.

Once we got to school he led the way to his classroom and went straight to his desk.  He was proud of that little desk and thought it was pretty cool that it has an opening in it to put all his stuff.  He had started putting stuff in it already at orientation.  However, I guess he was a little nervous because he wouldn’t look up for me to take his picture at his desk.  He just opened his art box and grabbed a crayon and started coloring away on the coloring sheet the teacher had laid out for each kid at their desks.  I snapped a picture anyways, he just wasn’t looking.  He seemed fine so I told him I was going to leave and that I would be at the bus stop that afternoon waiting for him when the bus dropped him off.  He told me OK and to go ahead home and go to the bus stop to wait for him.  I guess I wanted me to wait there all day just to make sure I was there when he got there.  I said OK for his reassurance and then I kissed him goodbye and left.


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