He walked out of the bathroom with WHAT?!?…

All us ladies always love a little pampering when we can get it, right?  Well, my 5 year old was determined the other night to pamper me.  I of course was all for it.  I had just had a shower and was getting ready to brush my hair out so I could dry it and he wanted to do it for me.  So he stood up on the toilet seat and he combed through my hair.  He’d talk as he did it and move it from side to side saying things like “yep that looks good, and just a little more over here”.  He didn’t want to stop so I told him he could do it some more after I blow dried it.

After drying my hair he directed me to my bed to lay down so he could brush it some more.  It’s easier for him to reach when i’m laying down.  So off we went to my room.  He then told me to look the other way for a minute.  He walked around to his daddy’s side of the bed and grabbed his backscratching stick/hand and told me to lay still.  Sure why not I thought.  I’d love a good back massage.

So he brushed my hair along with more talking to himself about how he was fixing it and massaged my back. I was so sweet of him and actually pretty relaxing.  He then told me to close my eyes and he’d be right back.  My bathroom door is by my side of the bed and I heard him go in there and get into a draw.  At first I thought he might be trying to get a ponytail holder or something to hold my hair back the way he fixed it.  But I knew there weren’t any in the drawers and I could hear him coming back.  So I had to peak to see what he had gotten and I’m SO glad I did when I seen what he was carrying…

He had gotten out my scissors and was coming to cut my hair!! OH MY! If I hadn’t looked I would’ve needed a hair dresser the next day or maybe even a wig.  I love my child and how thoughtful he can be and I know he was just trying to pamper and take care of his mommy but I no longer trust kids if I can’t see what they are getting. Ha!

My eyes will stay open for all future pampering!

Just STOP!

The other day the news posted on facebook about a cop giving a little girl a “warning” for underage driving.   And the comments were unbelievable and ate me up.

Ok, so the little girl was just 2 years old and was driving her battery powered car down the road in her neighborhood.  The cop stopped behind her and got out like a normal traffic stop and instead of a ticket she just got a warning for underage driving.  Okay, calm down, this was all joke.  The headline of the post even stated it was for a good laugh.  It was cute!

Most of the comments were saying how cute.  And maybe she should get a ticket for no insurance too and so on.  Everyone was playing along knowing it was all for fun.

Well, just like with anything anymore you’ve got those few people trying to ruin it for everyone else.  Some of the comments turned to “Well I guess our police officers have nothing better to do than waste our tax dollars.” And “Where are that girls parents?”.  “Why would the police do that to a child when children are suppose to be taught not to be afraid of cops?”  I’m sorry, is a piece of paper scary??

Ok first off, I’m sure the little girls parents were the ones taking the picture and it wasn’t a highway she was driving on.  It looked like a neighborhood and why can’t she ride in the street if someone is there with her.  When I was young I lived in the streets of my neighborhood, either riding my bike, skating or whatever.

And then for all the comments about the police having nothing better to do… I would think that is a good thing!  Or maybe I’m just crazy thinking no crime is good.  I’m sure they didn’t tell the bad guys or a victim somewhere to just hold on a few minutes while I play pretend with this little girl.  I mean, really?? And actually police should have a very boring job with LOTS of free time.  Unfortunately the world is so screwed up and full of selfish idiots that they don’t get to have that boring job.  Think about it… If a cop has down time than it’s a good day, no one is being robbed or shot and no one is in a car accident etc.  Everyday would be a play day in a perfect world, but we all know we are FAR from that and only getting farther away each day.

My point is, everyone needs to just STOP! Stop being so judgemental, Stop trying to rain on everyone’s  parade, Stop acting like you know best, just STOP!  Lighten up, have a little fun and enjoy life a little.


Things kids say… Road conversations part 1

One thing that always seems to bring a smile is listening to a child.  Children can be so serious and yet so funny at the same time.  They think they know what they are talking about which makes it even funnier.

We travel a lot and some trips my child will sleep but others are full of questions, thoughts and things he think he knows.  Here are a few of the sayings and conversations of our recent travels:

1. Me: Hey look at that old truck over there in the lane next to us…
Jax: Oh yeah, that must be from like the 90’s!
(Um more like the 60’s ha! I guess to him the 90’s is a long time ago but how does he even know anything about “the 90’s” to say that?)

2. Jax: What is an Anniversary?
Me: It’s like your birthday, it’s a certain day every year of when something happened.  Like the day you got married.
Jax: So what do you do on your anniversary?
Me: Whatever you want to do I guess.
Jax: So when I get bigger for my anniversary I can go to Toys R Us?
Me: Well,… I guess you could if you really wanted to. lol

3. Jax: Hurry up, they are leaving now. You have to follow them home so we know where they live.
Me: No baby we can’t.
Jax: But why not? Hurry, they are leaving and we are going to lose them!
Me: Because that is considered stocking… (Yep that started a whole new conversation.)

4. While listening to the radio on the Hits 1 channel it got his attention when they said Hits 1.
Jax: Did they just say Hits 1? What does that mean?
Me: It means its at the top of the list of good songs.
Jax: Wow! They must be able to read our minds or something because I did like that song, part of it I did.

5 Things that make you say

What just happened?

1. Once when I was younger a bird landed on my head and started pecking away.  I tried to shake it off while my mom stood back and laughed.  I’m sure my parents were well entertained with eight kids.  Still don’t know what made it do that but I always look out if a bird flies over me now.

2. One year I was a clown for Halloween and had red lipstick smeared all over around my lips to make big clown lips.  Little did we know it wouldn’t come off easy.  Ended up at the neighbors the next morning before school and they were scrubbing with anything they could think of trying to get rid of the big red stain.  I think I stayed home from school that day.  PS. don’t ever do it!

3. Jumped off the diving board and swam back over to my friends not knowing my top had come undone.  Opps!  Back when bikinis and I were friends.

4. Went to the pool with a friend and we were playing in the sand park part.  At one point she says I have a stick stuck in my foot. (All calmly I might add). I didn’t believe her so she goes “no seriously, LOOK!” and lifted her foot up and sure enough there was a big stick stuck between her toes.  I think I took off running to go find someone.  I just remember the stick.

5. I got a new Rainbow Bright bike and it seemed to take forever for my dad to put my training wheels on.  Once he was done I was off.  Made it down the road and one of my wheels fell off.  We lived on a deadend road and they couldn’t see around the curve.  So after waiting what seemed like forever, I gave up and walked my very disappointed little butt back home.  When I was older I always thought of this every time he would rotate or do anything with my car tires. Lol

A child and infomercials…

Don’t you just love infomercials?   Me either, I usually fast forward through all commercials when I watch tv thanks to the lovely DVR invention.  However, my son Jax who is 5, does not.  And I do believe that each one stops him in his tracks to watch it just as much as the show he’s watching at a time.

Is this a bad thing? No, it actually has turned quite humorous in my house and in public for that matter.  It all started with the Oxi Clean.

One day while out at the store with my son going down the laundry detergent aisle it happened.  It was one of those calm before the storm quiet times when all of a sudden he noticed what aisle we were in and basically yelled out “OH! You need to get some Oxi Clean, cause it gets the tough stains out!”  I couldn’t help but laugh, along with a couple other ladies in the aisle.  I then asked him why he said that, knowing I was going to get a response worth hearing and he said “because that’s what the guy on tv says, don’t you want to get the tough stains out?” (All with a very serious look on his face.)

And they always throw in those ones of something that kids think they just gotta have.  Jax is at the stage where if he sees something he likes, he wants it and these just add to the list.

The way he responds to them still never fails to amuse me.  Just tonight the Wham-O Hamper Hoop came on and he said “Look, that is what I need.  It helps me clean and I won’t even know I’m cleaning.”. (That was mentioned in the advertisement)  Towards the end they were saying how it can go straight to the wash.  And of course he did it again by saying “See?, it goes straight to the washer.  Except ours, you will have to turn that way to get to our washer…”

Another one tonight I didn’t catch what it was but it was some kind of cleaner for the stove etc.  They were talking about and cleaning burnt on food and how easy it makes it.  Of course it got Jax’s attention and he said “oh my gosh, why would someone put a hole in their bowl?”.

So if you ever need to know about an infomercial or would just like some cute, fun entertainment, feel free to come watch infomercials with Jax and I guarantee you won’t leave disappointed.