I’m not ready yet…

Some things in life you just get used to.

You get used to your daily routines, the people you are with and everything in between.  Three and a half years ago, when I began working from home my daily routines changed and my “people” I’m around all day changed.   Instead of co-workers, I got to be around my son all day.  And I have enjoyed every minute of it.  Well almost every minute, not the tantrums and other bad moments every parent has with a 2-5 year old.  But, we have been best friends for the most part.  He did go to pre-school the last two years for a few hours a week but that became the new routine and I always knew when I’d have him back to myself.

Since our recent move things have changed and although I’m extremely happy about them, I’m also kinda sad, or even jealous in a way.  Right off the bat he made a new friend with our next door neighbor.  Then another kid down the street.  Where we lived before we were out by ourself with no other kids around to play with.  Maybe that’s why he enjoyed going to pre-school because there he had friends to play with and act his age.  Now every morning he wakes me up wanting to go outside and play.  He will ask for hours if its late enough yet to go knock on the neighbors door.  Needless to say he is loving it here.  All day he’s either playing and hanging out with his friends or his cousins which have always been like his best friends even though we were hours away and didn’t get to see them much.  He had his first “non-family” sleep over and kids are in and out over here non-stop now.

As for me, I knew the time would come but I wasn’t ready for it to happen just yet.  I’m not his main prioity anymore.  He even turns me down when I ask if he wants to go to the store with me to play with his friends instead.  Don’t get me wrong, I truely do love that he has friends to play with and his own “people” his age to hang out with.  He gets to be that kid now and it warms my heart and makes this move feel right.  Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy not getting interrupted every five minutes while I’m working & the extra time my husband & I get alone together, but I still miss my baby.

It makes me realize my little baby boy is growing up and isn’t a baby anymore.

Boys being boys

He’s a little boy doing little boy things like having bike races down the street and nerf gun fights, playing video games that he doesn’t have to beg me to play with him, jumping on the trampoline and laughing and just having fun.  He goes and stays at his mamaws house with his cousins or at their house and when he’s away and I talk to him on the phone he sounds so grown up.  The last couple weeks I’ve stolen him a couple days and kept him all to myself, at least for a few hours each time to go swimming and to the park etc., things that I know he loves doing.

I miss my little baby, my buddy, but I’m proud of the little boy he’s becoming and looking forward to watching him grow.  If only time would slow down a little, that would be nice.  I’m not ready yet…

He walked out of the bathroom with WHAT?!?…

All us ladies always love a little pampering when we can get it, right?  Well, my 5 year old was determined the other night to pamper me.  I of course was all for it.  I had just had a shower and was getting ready to brush my hair out so I could dry it and he wanted to do it for me.  So he stood up on the toilet seat and he combed through my hair.  He’d talk as he did it and move it from side to side saying things like “yep that looks good, and just a little more over here”.  He didn’t want to stop so I told him he could do it some more after I blow dried it.

After drying my hair he directed me to my bed to lay down so he could brush it some more.  It’s easier for him to reach when i’m laying down.  So off we went to my room.  He then told me to look the other way for a minute.  He walked around to his daddy’s side of the bed and grabbed his backscratching stick/hand and told me to lay still.  Sure why not I thought.  I’d love a good back massage.

So he brushed my hair along with more talking to himself about how he was fixing it and massaged my back. I was so sweet of him and actually pretty relaxing.  He then told me to close my eyes and he’d be right back.  My bathroom door is by my side of the bed and I heard him go in there and get into a draw.  At first I thought he might be trying to get a ponytail holder or something to hold my hair back the way he fixed it.  But I knew there weren’t any in the drawers and I could hear him coming back.  So I had to peak to see what he had gotten and I’m SO glad I did when I seen what he was carrying…

He had gotten out my scissors and was coming to cut my hair!! OH MY! If I hadn’t looked I would’ve needed a hair dresser the next day or maybe even a wig.  I love my child and how thoughtful he can be and I know he was just trying to pamper and take care of his mommy but I no longer trust kids if I can’t see what they are getting. Ha!

My eyes will stay open for all future pampering!

5 Things that make you say

What just happened?

1. Once when I was younger a bird landed on my head and started pecking away.  I tried to shake it off while my mom stood back and laughed.  I’m sure my parents were well entertained with eight kids.  Still don’t know what made it do that but I always look out if a bird flies over me now.

2. One year I was a clown for Halloween and had red lipstick smeared all over around my lips to make big clown lips.  Little did we know it wouldn’t come off easy.  Ended up at the neighbors the next morning before school and they were scrubbing with anything they could think of trying to get rid of the big red stain.  I think I stayed home from school that day.  PS. don’t ever do it!

3. Jumped off the diving board and swam back over to my friends not knowing my top had come undone.  Opps!  Back when bikinis and I were friends.

4. Went to the pool with a friend and we were playing in the sand park part.  At one point she says I have a stick stuck in my foot. (All calmly I might add). I didn’t believe her so she goes “no seriously, LOOK!” and lifted her foot up and sure enough there was a big stick stuck between her toes.  I think I took off running to go find someone.  I just remember the stick.

5. I got a new Rainbow Bright bike and it seemed to take forever for my dad to put my training wheels on.  Once he was done I was off.  Made it down the road and one of my wheels fell off.  We lived on a deadend road and they couldn’t see around the curve.  So after waiting what seemed like forever, I gave up and walked my very disappointed little butt back home.  When I was older I always thought of this every time he would rotate or do anything with my car tires. Lol

Childhood Easter memories

I hope everyone enjoyed their Easter.  As a child I loved Easter.  Money grew on trees then… (I’ll get to that in a minute.)  Every year all of us kids would get up excited just like Christmas to see what the Easter bunny had left of in our baskets.  I still remember those baskets, they were all the same but yet slightly different.  A big chocolate bunny was always sticking up in the middle, surrounded by tons of eggs and goodies.  Waking up to candy that was all yours, what more could you ask for?  We always gobbled a few pieces down before we were told to wait until after we got back from church.  Cause really, who would want to take a car full of kids hyped up on candy to church?!

Next we would run to look out the windows to see how many eggs we could spot in the yard.  The more you seen the more your eyes grew wider and the more anxious you became of wanting to get out there and try to get more than your siblings.  But then you heard the dreaded words of “get ready for church”.  You didn’t mind going but you sure wished you could get a hold of those eggs first.  They seemed to just keep tempting you.

I remember all us girls dressed in little white dresses with white bonnets.  As if it wasn’t bad enough trying to hold back while looking through the windows, after everyone was ready we always went outside in the yard, yes the same yard covered in what seemed like a million bright-colored eggs, …to take pictures.  Couldn’t count how many times we were told put it down if we tried to pick one up and shake it.

FINALLY, after church and lunch we would make our way back home and the game was on!  We all dumped our baskets out of all the stuff from the Easter bunny but of course made sure we kept it separate.  No way were we going to share our candy.  Then headed out to the magical yard of eggs.  When mom and dad said go we were off & grabbing every egg we saw.  Sometimes grabbing the same one at the same time and fighting over who gets it.

Then after all the eggs were collected it was time for the “money tree” as mentioned above.  It was this little tree in our front yard that no one was allowed to touch until all the other eggs were found.  It was covered in eggs that were hung all over the branches.  And the eggs were always filled with money!  Each one you pulled off you quickly gave it a little shake because most of them had change in them but if there wasn’t a jingle then you knew you got a bill!  Only a few had bills in them so if you got a non jingling one you were excited.  Its funny now to think how much a little change and a few dollar bills meant us as a kid.

We then all found our own spot on the floor in the living room and opened each and every one of those bright-colored eggs.  And we finally were allowed to eat some of our goodies too.  We counted all our money we got from the money tree to see who got the most.  It’s always a competition when you have multiple siblings.

This continued on every year.  Then the time came where I was grown and out on my own but still had little siblings at home.  I happened to be in town one year for Easter and I actually helped my mom play the Easter bunny and we filled all those eggs and hid them out in the yard.  My aunt was staying with my grandma at the time and my mom got the crazy idea to go hide some eggs over there too so we did of course.  We found out later that a window was open or something and they heard people out there and almost called the police because they didn’t know who it was. That would’ve been hilarious!  Yea we got booked for pretending to be the Easter bunny.

I know bright-colored eggs and candy aren’t what Easter is all about but as a child, it’s a pretty big part.  Yet never figured how they put together a bunny and eggs…

Oh and some years a few weeks after we would find a random egg outside that we had missed.  Of course the candy inside it was no longer good but you felt proud that you found this lost egg.

Fun Friday!

Been a crazy week and just couldn’t pass up this nice sunny day so I decided to have a day out with my favorite little guy.  Picked him up from school and surprised him by heading straight to the park!


He loves the swings and loved he was getting all my attention pushing him.    We are both ready for more warm sunny days to get out and play!image

image image


He climbed, and ran and laughed and slid down the slides and laughed some more.  He was being the 5 year old little boy that I so love watching him be.














About an hour and a half later it was off to his next surprise… Froyoz!  Had to get a treat after all that play.   He likes that he gets to go through and pick the flavors that he wants and then add all the different toppings. It’s fun watching him create his “perfect treat”.  A little chocolate, a little peanutbutter topped with a little bit and this and a little bit of that.  He always asks me what I’m getting to and then when we sit down he wants to compare the different toppings we got.  He even got my spoon for me and wanted to carry mine to the table for me to.  He was trying to be sweet and take care of his momma.  Afterwards I had to stop at the gas station and of course he wanted to hold the door for me and this other lady going in.  When we left he did the same and then even hurried to my side of the car and opened my door and closed it for me.  He was just a sweet little gentleman today.  I love it when he shows this sweet caring side of his.  He’s sure going to make a wonderful husband one day if he keeps that up.

imageNow it was time to head home but the day wasn’t over yet. He knew he had my attention for the day so off to the back yard we went. He jumped on the trampoline and showed me all his “tricks”.

imageThen he helped to put his training wheels back on his bike. He was trying to learn to ride with out but hasn’t mastered that yet. He thought he was a full blown mechanic after that.

Looks like he’s about out grown his bike now since last fall.  Guess it’ll be time to go shopping for a new one soon.  But it still works and we finished off the day outdoors with a walk/ride around the neighborhood.

I think we both enjoyed each others company today.  It was just what we needed.  We talked about everything, we bonded and we laughed.  I love the days where we get to just tone out everything else and make memories of us.  And I hope that as he grows up he remembers these simple moments and always knows his mom loves him and he means the world to me.

He got Vegas, I got Zootopia

Yesterday was my birthday.  Woke up to my child asking me a question about his game.  He then jump up in my bed and we snuggled for a minute.  Gave him a big hug and asked if he knew what day it was.  He said “It’s my birthday!” with a little grin on his face.  He then jumped up and said I’ll be right back.  He ran to the kitchen and I heard him into something.  A minute later he came back with two packs of poptarts, one strawberry and one brown sugar cinnamon.  He asked me which one I would like.  He can be such a sweetheart when he wants to be.  I smiled and thanked him and asked why he brought me breakfast in bed and his answer was the best.  “Because it’s your birthday and you shouldn’t have to get out of bed.”  I just love little moments like that.

Ok, so back to the title… For my husbands birthday back in October we took a trip to Vegas.  Just us, no child, along with his parents to celebrate his 40th and their 40th Anniversary last year.  We had a great time and lots of fun.  I love Vegas and all the stuff there is to do and see there.  It truly is a world of its own.  Even though I missed my little man like crazy while away it was good to get away as adults.  My husband and I got to be us again.  We got to enjoy our time together as husband and wife.

So now for my birthday, no it’s not my 40th and wont be for several years.  I ended up spending the day out with just my little man.  Hubby has been sick incase you’re wondering why he wasn’t with us.  We headed off to go eat but weren’t sure what we were going to do.  I just knew that I wanted to get out of the house.  Dishes needed washed and laundry needed to be done but I didn’t want to spend my birthday cleaning.  Who would?!

Jax with his soup & rolls
Jax with his soup & rolls

We ended up going about an hour away to get some potato soup from O’Charley’s.  My child is a very picky eater but he actually likes that.  And he loves their bread too!  I wanted the chicken sandwich but they always seem to change their menu so I went with the catfish.  Had the waiter a little confused but she understood what I was doing after a minute.  I had to call the fish chicken because Jax for some reason lately hates it when I eat fish.  He just keeps saying “fish don’t deserve to die” but I guess the chicken do?  Who knows?  Kids are funny and strange.  Anyways, while we ate we were trying to decide what else we wanted to do.  I wasn’t going to rush home, it was MY day and I was going to do whatever I wanted.  (Or what he wanted, kinda.)  We decided on going to see a movie.  The only kid friendly movie playing was Zootopia so that is what we saw.

Pigging out on popcorn
Pigging out on popcorn

He pigged out on popcorn and candy and laughed at the movie while I secretly watched his every reaction.    Afterwards it was a game of 500 questions on all the different things that happened in the movie.  I wont spoil them since some might not of seen it yet.  Over all we had some good quality time together just the two of us, mother and son.  He napped the rest of the way home and when we got home he was wide awake.  We ended the night playing minecraft on the Wii U cause that’s what he kept talking about.  He loves to play his games but always demands that I play with him.

I guess my point is that all though both days were totally different from the bright lights of Vegas to the dim lights of a small movie theater they were both just as enjoyable.  Both of these two guys in my life mean the world to me and the memories made are what’s important.  Here’s to another year and hoping everyone gets their Vegas and Zootopia.

When you lose your home…

Home… Where exactly is home?  My hometown where I grew up is so different from when I was younger.  When I was 17 I moved, with my now husband, across the river, just a town away.  Then a year later we said our goodbyes and moved 2 hours away when he was offered a new job.

Here I was, 18 and in a new town where the only person I knew was him.  I was excited at first.  I was a grown up and got to do the adult thing with the man I loved.  I was free!  Me and my best friend even drove down there to check things out and stayed the night in the new apartment before it even had power or furniture.  That was just the kind of things we did.  #funtimes

So we settled in and life in a small town began.  Things to do and places to eat more sooner than later became slim.  If you wanted to go shopping you had to drive for 30 mins to get there.  We worked 2nd shift so nights, like early morning hours became our evenings and mornings became our nights.  Dinners would be around 2am and breakfast at noon if that gives you an idea.   There was nothing in this town for us.  I was bored with it and he wanted something more.

So once again, a couple years later, off we go.  He took a better job that moved us a few more hours away from “home” and that’s where we have been since.   Just another small town in the middle of nowhere.  We now have to drive over an hour to go shopping or find  things to do.  I’m not bashing small towns because I know a lot of people love them and yes they do have a few good qualities, just putting that out there.  However, we basically started our life here.  We got engaged here, became husband and wife here, bought our first home here, & started a family here but it no longer feels like home, not sure it ever really did.  It’s just a town we’ve lived in for the past 14 years.  Wow that sounds like a long time after typing that.  Would you call it home after 14 years?

My husband finally found his dream job a couple years ago and he travels and works from home and since I work from home there is nothing holding us here anymore.  Well besides our house that we need to sell.  Any takers? Ha!  We all made a few good friends here that we will miss and hopefully keep in contact with thanks to all the technology we have.  And we will always cherish all of memories that we made here, but the now 3 of us are ready to start our next journey.

So the question now is where do we go?  Back “home” where our families are?  Somewhere closer but not quite in the same town?  It would be nice to be closer to our families, I know they want that, and we want our son to be close with his grandparents and cousins, man does he have a ton of them, but I think that is the only reason there is an option.

There were times years ago I was all for going back there but things are different now.  It just doesn’t feel like it did before, it’s more like another new town with the bonus of having family there too.  Except it’s not really a town I’d like to go to.  Is there even good towns out there anymore or is everywhere going down hill these days with all the violence and spoiled brats in the world?

Our son starts kindergarten this fall and would like to be “settled” before then but where?  I keep going over the pros and cons and all it does is make my head spin.  Maybe if we hadn’t been away so long it would feel different like it did years ago when I was all for going back there.

When you go back do things eventually fall back into place and can you once again feel like you are “home”?

My son amazes me!

Do you ever just sit and wonder how your child knows so much?  I’m amazed daily at the things my child knows.   I’m not talking about his ABC’s and 123’s but all the other stuff.  It’s true that children are like sponges and soak up so much information into that little brain of theirs.

Over the last few months my son has become obsessed with Minecraft.  Not exactly sure how it first got started.  He has cousins that play it but we live out of town so he doesn’t see them much.  And he loves watching Youtube videos of different games, where people play the games and tell what they are doing and about it the whole time, I think is how he learned so much.

He’s been asking for an Xbox for a while now since you can buy the Minecraft game for it.  But he has a Wii U already.  Well lucky for him we just found out that you can download it on the Wii U.  Just a FYI for any of you who didn’t know that either.  He was so excited when we found out last night so today while he was at pre-school I got it downloaded so it was ready for him when he got home.

Playing Minecraft
Playing Minecraft

He loaded it up and away he went.  He knows what all the different things do and what they are used for.  He gets right in there and knows what he’s doing.  It’s just amazing that he actually knows all about the mining and crafting and what objects he needs to make certain things and so on.  I’ve always been a tech person and loved playing games when I was younger and still do.   And I’ve always been able to work my way around computers and games with ease but he’s only five!


Organizing with Thirty-One

Organizing your home always seems to be a hard goal to keep.  My home is far from organized but I’d like to share with you how I do manage to keep it somewhat organized with the help of Thirty-One.

Home Office
Home Office

Since I work from home, a home office is a must for me.  I love that I can organize it so everything has a place and get to do it with all these great prints.  I recently changed my patterns to the Charcoal Links and mixed it up with some pink.  The Your Way Cubes are a favorite.  You can have the window facing out to see what’s inside or turn it around to hide the contents.  (They can be personalized too!) I use them to store just about everything in my office from files to supplies.  And a Fold N’ File fits nicely inside to help keep files upright.  On the wall is the Home Organizer and some Oh-Snap Pockets hooked together.  Added one to the side of my filing cabinet and shelf too.  I have one hooked onto my bakers rack in the kitchen to hold magazines and coupons etc.

Jax's room
Jax’s room
Jax's closet
Jax’s closet

The Your Way Cubes are great for organizing a child’s room too.  My son seems to have a ton of so many different collections (transformers, paw patrol etc.) and now he can keep them separated each in their own cube.


Organize those items at the top of your closet with the same cubes and add a few of the Your Way Rectangles for movies and smaller items.  They have lids available to make it easier to stack.  And for easy transport of all his cars and driving mat I use a Large Utility Tote.  He can easily move it from one room to another and it has everything he needs for a day of playing cars.

Large Utility Tote
Large Utility Tote
Kitchen hallway pantry
Kitchen hallway pantry

Next is the kitchen, mine seems to be overflowing with stuff every time I turn around.  To help get it somewhat organized I recently add a new shelf in my hallway to hold all this stuff.  I use the Your Way Rectangle on the bottom left to hold snacks and beside it is the Essential Storage Tote that holds bags of chips etc.  The middle shelf I have 2 Junior Cubes that hold all my Ninja blender cups & accessories.  This keeps them from falling off all over the place and out-of-the-way in my cabinet with our regular cups.  Top shelf I’m using a Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote to hold all my Velata cheese and chocolates at the moment. Fits on there nicely.  On the very top which doesn’t really show in the picture I have 2 more Your Way Cubes since the top is a little deeper.  One holds extra containers etc. and the other holds all my baking ingredients for my sweets business.

Misc. Kitchen bins
Misc. Kitchen bins

For small items I love to use the Oh-Snap Bin and Littles Carry-All Caddy. I have 1 sitting out on my bar holding all our extra chargers and headphones and other ones I use in my cabinets such as the one in the middle that holds all my gravy packets, and another one that holds rice etc., or the cookie cutter Oh-Snap Bin on the left fits perfectly down in a kitchen drawer.  When it’s time to bake cookies we can just pull it out and everything is right there together.  No hunting through a messy drawer trying to find them all.  The one on the right pictured holds all the little powder juice packets.  There are so many uses for these.  I have at least one in every room in my house!

Games and controllers
Games and controllers

Kids have a game system with games everywhere?? They fit nicely in a Your Way Rectangle.  Pictured I have one with all the games and controllers for the Wii-U in the bin on the top shelf and one on the bottom with movies.  You can see the before and after and what a difference it makes.


Your Way Rectangle Basket
Your Way Rectangle Basket

On my other end table I use a Your Way Rectangle Basket to hold photo albums.  The great thing about this basket is you can use it as it comes or you can add a liner to it to have it match your other pieces.  And the liners can be personalized to make it your own.
Laundry roomLaundry room… I wish I had a big fancy laundry room with lots of cabinets but since I don’t this is how I organize it.  I use a Hang-it-up Key Fob to hang a Littles Carry-All Caddy from my shelf.  One holds my detergent and the other my washer whiffs. (both from Scentsy) On the shelf is a Your Way Rectangle to hold my extra detergents and washer cleaner etc.  Top right picture is 2 Deluxe Utility Totes that hold all our summer items such as beach towels, flippers, goggles and my sons small floats etc.  The Square Storage Bin shown at bottom right is used to hold extra paper-towels & Kleenex.

Misc. 31 uses
Misc. 31 uses

Last but not least here are a few other ways I use Thirty-One to organize.  Stand Tall Bin in the bathroom for laundry, Oh-Snap Bins for hair accessories, Your Way Rectangle for under the bathroom sink storage of extra soaps, razors and whatnot’s.  A Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote as a “Clean car kit” that holds everything I need to detail my car.  A Square Storage Bin in the living room that holds blankets.   More Your Way Rectangles to hold all my Scentsy bars nice and neatly.  Under the kitchen sink there is another Zip-Top Organizing Utility Tote to hold household cleaning supplies.  You can grab from it or just take the whole tote with you where you need to use it.

So there it is, how I organize with Thirty-One.  I didn’t even include organizing the car, maybe that can be later post.  I will say though that I do keep several Large Utility Totes in my trunk for when I go grocery shopping.  Throw all you bags in it and you have one bag to carry instead of trying to carry a ton of little bags that might fall apart on the way in.

If you are looking for ways to organize your home I hope this post helped.  Whether or not you use Thirty-One to organize, this can give you ideas of ways to organize you home.  Feel free to share and leave your comments below.


A look back at 2015

I love that I get to do so much with my son.  We have a lot of goods times together.  I dread the day that he no longer wants to hang with his mommy.  But until then, which hopefully is a long ways off, we will continue to make as many memories as we can each year.  Next year we might have to cut out some of the travel since he will be starting kindergarten. But that wont stop the memories.  And we will make the most of our summer and breaks!

Here is a flash back video I made for 2015.  I had to speed it up and cut out a ton of pictures or the video would go on forever.  I love doing this and hope he enjoys looking back on it when he is older too.  It’s amazing how much he grows each year.  And I just love that you can see his personality in all these pictures.  He’s my one of a kind boy and my world.

Heres to an even greater 2016!